"The only way to do great work is to love what you do".

At Mairo Women Foundation Ushafa, we LOVE WHAT WE DO. We give women wings to fly across the distant shores Nigeria and Africa. Thank goodness you made it here.

Our Awards:

About half of the world’s estimated 7 billion people are women. It therefore constitutes ignorance and utter naivety for any well meaning society to make a honourable attempt at progress, leaving half her population ignoramus and bankrupt.

The foregoing informs our corporate vision to evolve a Formidable Women Empowerment Empire cum Conglomerate. For us at MAIRO WOMEN FOUDATION USHAFA, empowering women is at the centre of our world, even as we strive to augment world economies and amplify social equilibrium, by empowering one woman at a time.


Mairo Women Foundation Ushafa  is committed to amplifying the rights of women in rural communities in the FCT and Africa by extension.

Our key focus is on women’s economic, cultural and political empowerment and it is our stout belief that you would hold our hands and smell the flowers along the way with us, as we journey in our quest for a peaceful and developed  communities/societies through women empowerment.

Mairo Women Foundation - Our Vision

Our Vision

An Empowered Woman for a Better Life…


Mairo Women Foundation - Our Mission

Our Mission

To evolve a charity organization with stout focus on women’s well being by providing them with basic knowledge, technique and tools to develop skills and…

Mairo Women Foundation - Our Objectives

Our Objectives

  1. To Empower women on diverse vocational skills

  2. To build leadership capacity in women


Mairo Women Foundation - Testimonials
Juliana Joseph
My life and finance changed
19 April 2020

My name is Juliana Joseph, a member of Mairo Women Foundation Ushafa. My life and finance have change for the better ever since I joined the Foundation. I can now make Bags, Vaseline Cream, Liquid Soap etc. I learnt all these from Mairo Women Foundation Ushafa. In fact, I own a shop now along last bustop, Ushafa with some apprentice learning under me. I make souvenirs for Weddings, Graduations etc. you can contact me on 08176422342 or 07064358191. Thanks to Mairo Women Foundation and I wish my Darling Husband and the Foundation great success ahead .

Our Story

I looked at my background and how I started. While growing up, I saw how people suffered and are still suffering. I was suffering too, barely managing to survive. I wasn’t opportune to attend secondary school to start with. When I was in primary school, I go out to hustle for menial jobs after school hours,. I did any job I lay my hands on including mixing cement and concrete in construction sites as a woman.

After my primary school, I hadn’t any sponsor to see me through secondary and tertiary education and that prompted me to get married at an early age of 17 years old…

Mairo Women Foundation - Our Story