About Us

About Us

MAIRO WOMEN FOUNDATION USHAFA (MAWOFU) is a charitable non governmental organization committed to the social, health and economic empowerment of women and the vulnerable in our society. MAWOFU was founded by Mrs. Maryamu Isa Barnabas (a.k.a Mairo Ushafa) on 2nd March 2016 and duly incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria.

Over the years, the Foundation has held several seminars, meetings and workshops targeted at training and equipping economically disadvantaged women (especially in our rural areas) on vocational and industrial skills acquisitions and succeeded at it.


MAWOFU has also strategically implemented a non-profit financial empowerment programme, providing a capital base for all her trainees (women entrepreneurs within the Federal Capital Territory).

Mairo Women Foundation Ushafa is also aimed at reducing gender inequality, promote health, social inclusion and create awareness on prominent health related issues common among women such as HIV/AIDS, Maleria, STIS etc. as well as adult literacy/education.

Mairo Women Foundation - Our Vision

Our Vision

An Empowered Woman for a Better Life…


Mairo Women Foundation - Our Mission

Our Mission

To evolve a charity organization with stout focus on women’s well being by providing them with basic knowledge, technique and tools to develop skills and changes in attitudes and behaviours towards a better social, economic and healthy life.


Mairo Women Foundation - Our Objectives

Our Objectives

  1. To Empower women on diverse vocational skills

  2. To build leadership capacity in women

  3. To improve socio-economic status of women

  4. To provide capital base for small and medium scale entrepreneurs

  5. Provide a platform for health information and promotion

  6. To reach out  to out-of-school children

  7. Boost women confidence, self reliance and develop positive attitude and behavioural change.

  8. To boost women literacy ratio