Board Message

Board Message

Mairo Women Foundation - Board Message

“The promise to do good begins with the spirit of Empathy”.

At Mairo Women Foundation Ushafa, We Invest in Women. In our seven years and still counting in service to women and vulnerable people in our communities, we keep focus on ways we can make more difference/impact in delivering our vision of empowering women economically, emotionally and health-wise.

We have impacted more lives of women and families in communities around the Federal Capital Territory through skill acquisition training and start-up grants. We intend to extend our activities throughout Nigeria and Africa by extension even as we continue to support programmes and activities that make women succeed.

Looking ahead, we are fixing our gaze at accelerating our growth strategy while continuing to live our legacy and build on the strength of our brand. We are also exited about our expansion plan to include more women through Corporative Society Initiative, which promises a more positive transformation of women in communities where we work and live.

As we press forward to achieve our dreams, we take this time to celebrate the accomplishments and progress made possible because of our Trustees, Donors, Staff, Board, Teachers, Mentors and all thought partners who believe in the simple premise of “together, we can do better”. Thank you for your unalloyed support and with great humility and unadulterated commitment, we are determined to do more.

There is a special place at the table just for you.




President/founder—Mairo Women Foundation